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Camping out under the igloo There an igloo outside the community centre in Apsley that took 1,4 rainbow coloured ice bricks and a group of volunteers that call themselves the Gloo Crew to build. like being in a stained glass kaleidoscope. is a councillor for North Kawartha Township, and she had no particular plans to build an igloo this winter. Then she saw it: a photo on the Internet of an icy, rainbow coloured igloo built by a family in Edmonton. AmyotteEdmonton. Amyotte free shipping cheap Thunder jerseys thought a similar igloo would add something special to the local winter carnival. She did some research online and got in touch with the family, and found out how they did it. It sounded relatively simple: first you get at least 5 two litre juice cartons, and fill each one with warm water and some food colouring. Leave those cartons outside to freeze, and then you have your bricks. Next, make outout cheap Thunder jerseys free shipping of hot water mixed with snow. To build the structure, Amyotte said they dumped a huge pile ofof wholesale Thunder cheap jerseys snow on the ground, mounded it into a half sphere shape, and constructed the igloo over it. That solved the problem of the structure wanting to cave in, as it was being built. Afterward, Amyotte and some friends dug out the interior with shovels. Amyotte, who is also the chairwoman of the Apsley School Council, said the hardest part was coming up with all those juice cartons on short notice. Over a couple of weeks she managed to convince lots of area families to collect their juice cartons for the igloo. Soon she had 504 cartons. Then her cousin who works at Minute Maid offered her 5 more cartons. Suddenly they could build a way bigger igloo. So it was that on Family Day Amyotte and her husband Jeff Ball and two other couples Tyler and Meghan Brown and Paul and Amanda Grey were the builders in charge of igloo construction. Lots of other volunteers came along and helped them build, she said. were the Gloo Crew, she says. The resulting igloo is 10 feet in diameter and about 5 tall. Amyotte and the two other women on the Gloo Crew joked that they ought to have a slumber party in there one night. On Friday night, they will do it. It a fundraiser. They decided to try to raise $1,4 one for every brick making up the igloo for the North KawarthaKawartha wholesale cheap Thunder jerseys Food Bank andand cheap Thunder 2014 jerseys in exchange they stay in the igloo overnight.

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